Inclusive Instruction: What is it and why is it important?

The Emory community is a diverse one yet united in the goal to provide an environment that is welcoming and inclusive so faculty, students and staff can attain their highest academic, professional and personal goals.

Emory’s efforts to attract a diverse student body are not unique. Colleges and universities are increasingly seeking to reflect the changes in the nation’s demographics by attracting the most capable and accomplished students to their campuses while also taking into account the type of community they wish to create. The importance of a strong international presence on campus for global perspectives to be heard and understood is one component of diversity but there are many elements that make a vibrant community of learners and scholars.

This Inclusive Instruction website is designed to help faculty address issues of diversity in the classroom with the goals of creating a climate of openness to different perspectives and opinions, respect for differences among learners and opportunities for all to engage with the scholarship of the discipline.