Shared Responsibility

Student Responsibilities

  • Self disclose a disability to the OAS office
  • Present professional documentation that meets the guidelines of the university
  • Request accommodations each semester
  • Meet with instructors to discuss how accommodations will be implemented
  • Inform office of any change in accommodation needs
  • Inform office of any problems with access to spaces, programs and services

OAS Responsibilities

  • Inform prospective and current students of information on policies and procedures for registration and ongoing services
  • Meet with individuals with disabilities to develop a plan for appropriate accommodations in keeping with individual needs and maintaining the standards of the university
  • Communicate with those who will deliver accommodations either directly or indirectly through letters given to students
  • Maintain confidential files
  • Provide faculty with guidance on implementation of accommodations, their roles and responsibilities
  • Work with partners to provide access to programs and services for all individuals with disabilities
  • Advocate for best practices in services to individuals with disabilities

Faculty and Staff Responsibilities

  • Become familiar with their role as instructors of students with disabilities
  • Use materials for instruction that are accessible to a wide range of learners
  • Provide accommodations according to the specifications of the communication from the OAS office
  • Consult with the ADSR office about implementation of accommodations as these relate to your course requirements
  • Check with the student to make sure that accommodations are in place (such as notetakers, modified instructional materials) at the start of the semester
  • Notify the ADSR staff of obstacles, concerns or questions about accommodations
  • Refer students who request an accommodation not covered by the accommodation letter from OAS to that office

For specific information about the implementation of the ADA and the unique role of all those who interact with individuals with disabilities, see

If a student requests an academic change but has not provided documentation, faculty should refer the student to the Office for Undergraduate Education to determine how to proceed. 

Office for Undergraduate Education Advising
Ms. Lauren Braun

Please refer to the section on Case Scenarios for more information on situations that arise in the classroom.